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I’ll take you on a journey,
a journey into an adventure,
the adventure of an enchanting world.

On this journey a diary was created,
this diary became a story,
the story written of our lives.

But since stories are even easier to read, when packaged well,
I am now working on this bundle,
laced with love, strength and confidence.

Book is ready!
E-Book Version available now.
Paperback is coming soon!


I – You – We

Moin, Larissa here. I ended up here more or less involuntarily, but I learned to accept life as it is. And sometimes it sucks, but after a lot of shit, often there also comes cool shit. So I carry my memories in me as I enjoy the moment and look forward to the future full of anticipation.

Two years ago I started writing, out of necessity. I was immersed in the memories that were only weeks ago and was allowed to go back to a world in which time has come to a standstill. 

Lines lined up, resulted in pages and out of the pages, slowly formed a book.

So I’m sitting here, an adventure called “My Life”, behind me and in front of me a book that makes me dream as soon as I turn the cover. 

Join me on the journey, into an uncertain adventure that is as painful as it is enchanting and everyday life becomes a foreign word.

(C) 2019 Miles For Moments,Kevin Scott

I – You – We

You are the person with whom I go beyond borders in order to experience love on another level. You are the one who has always stood by my side, still stands and lives in my heart for all time. 

You are Finn, my best friend, my great love, my life partner and the man who sits old and gray next to me in the garden and tells his grandchildren the many adventure stories in a low voice.

But to put life in an equation in which the sum of all plans is predictable belongs in the department of impending possibilities.

So I’m sitting here, an adventure called “My Life”, behind me and in front of me a book that makes me dream as soon as I turn the cover. 

You are and remain the man who converts words into deeds and does not shy away from adventure. The man with the most beautiful laughter and a variety of talents that you’d rather start enumerating what you can’t. The favorite of all mothers-in-law and best buddy of all time. You are unique and wonderful.

I – You – We

Summer 2008, it knocked. One guy arrived way too late at the first hour. He was wearing black trousers, a black T-shirt, with a black leather bag and long blond hair. Incredibly funny weirdie! 

A year and a half later, you were my boyfriend and I was your girlfriend. 

We are Finn and Larissa, have been a couple since our apprenticeship and have been inseparable ever since. Sounds pretty cheesy – but that’s the way it is!

After our apprenticeship and school education, the desire to travel grabbed us and we first traveled to the other end of the world. Why? 
Thought in our youthful recklessness, it could be more beautiful.

Not necessarily nicer, but different. We discovered new cultures, new landscapes and ourselves. We experienced new things, came out of our comfort zone and grew from it. After two and a half years, a backpack full of beautiful memories and the anticipation of finally having a closet again, in which you just have to go to get a pair of socks out, we ventured into our new phase of life – study. You enrolled in civil engineering and I dabbled in architecture. Hated and yet in love.
In addition to a few “smaller”, very exciting and beautiful trips, we studied diligently, but felt this constant feeling of wanderlust.
There we sat, longing for adventure in our eyes and the semester plan in hand. 

It’s 7:00 in the morning, the sun is slowly fighting its way over the rooftops of the city and more and more sun rays are tickling my eyes. I feel the warmth on my face, start blinking, finally give in and close my eyes. I bite into my bun with relish, feel the nutty taste of the cheese on my tongue and sink into the peace of the morning before everyday life will captivate me.
Suddenly a voice breaks through this cloud on which I float and brings me back to my chair. 

“I want to hike the PCT.”


Have fun in an enchanting world that changes everything.

Day 9 ・ 07.04.2019
desert flowers
Mile 87 - 98
Day 8 ・ 06.04.2019
Mile 77 - 87
Day 7 ・ 05.04.2019
Juliens 18" pizza
Mile 68 - 77
Day 6 ・ 04.04.2019
water refill
Mile 56 - 68
Day 5 ・ 03.04.2019
misty morning poop
Mile 45 - 56
Day 4 ・ 02.04.2019
Mile 32 - 45
Day 3 ・ 01.04.2019
first water crossing
Mile 20 - 32
Day 2 ・ 31.03.2019
campspot sunrise
Mile 8 - 20
Day 1 ・ 30.03.2019
southern terminus
Mile 0 - 8

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